London walk - lesser known features of London's South Bank

Way back, I decided to plot out and lead a walk - for wither the Metropolitan Walkers or the Capital Walkers - which was of a sort of medium length, and with some of the useless London urban trivia that I know far too much of. Quite some time passed, but at last - here it is! 

A relaxed walk south of the river, generally avoiding the tourist trail and stopping to see some of the, ahem, "lesser-known landmarks" of the area, which is a sort of code for the kind of thing I find interesting and pretty much no-one else does. It includes a short ferry trip to get across the river to Canary Wharf the river at the end of the walk.

In case anyone wants to try it at any other time, the full & zoomable / printable version of the images below, which are designed as a sort of 'interesting features' flyer, is here on Google Photos. The walk's just under 8 miles long, and includes an interesting couple of pubs in the quieter second half (East of London Bridge).

2021 update: The pub at the end no longer exists!  It's been replaced by a giant steel-and-glass tower. The rest of the walk's still going strong.

Here's the more detailed route plotted out on Google Maps (full version is here).

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